What about our crepes?

A bit of French Crepes history

French crepes were originally celebrated on every 2nd of February for "La Chandeleur", the return of the light, when spring is coming with no more long winter nights ahead. Every French home would make a dozen of good crepes to eat together.
The crepes are the pride of the Brittany region (Bretagne, locally called Breizh) in the North West of France, where they make them large and very thin. Britons usually simply eat them with salted butter and a bit of caster sugar spread on the top. They are eaten rolled as a big cigar or folded in four and coming along with bubbly French apple cider.
Savored from centuries, French crepes lately know a real trend with crêperies opening all over the world.



What is a French crepe?

Most cuisines all around the world make crepes in one form or another. In French cuisine, crepes used to be called pannequet, from which the word pancake is probably derived. A very thin pannequet looks like a wrinkled, fragile fabric, which we know as crepe, hence its name.
A French crepe is an unleavened, flat, thin pancake of cooked batter, which is used as a wrapper for another food. Crepe batter is generally made from flour, eggs, milk, butter, salt, sugar, water and oil. Until recently, crepes were cooked on large cast-iron hot plates heated over a wood fire in a fireplace.
The hot plates are now gas or electric heated and the batter is spread with a spatula or a spreader.

What kind of French crepes do we cook?

Crepes are usually of two types: sweet crepes (Crêpes), made with wheat flour and slightly sweetened, and savory crepes (Galettes), made with buckwheat flour and unsweetened.
At Breizh Crepes, we do cook both sweet and savory crepes to offer the best crepes experience to Thais and foreigners living in Thailand.
The classic and original French sweet crepe is topped with butter and sugar. We offer a wide range of additional toppings such as homemade salted butter caramel, imported fruit coulis, chocolate, fresh local fruits, ice creams and even serve the world-renowned Crêpe Suzette.
The most popular savory crepe (Complète) is topped with ham, egg and cheese. Many other imported and local ingredients are added up to our customer's choice: smoked salmon, fresh red tuna, sausage, bacon, onions, mushrooms or even goat cheese, just to name a few.


They talk about Breizh Crepes!


Our authentic French Crepes & Galettes are also ready to be delivered to your door!
Lazy to go out? Staying a bit too far away from our location in Sathorn? In need of a quick lunch at your office?
Breizh Crepes does work with 3 great food delivery platforms to supply our authentic French crepes wherever you live in Bangkok!

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